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What are the advantages of using Alamoudi Exchange Company?


We are committed to best customer care and offer our customers unmatched advantages over the competition.


  • The best in the market rates and charges.
  • The most convenient opening hours for customers.
  • The seven days a week operations.
  • Easy access to the branches.
  • Courteous staff who speak your language.
  • Personalized services.
  • Reduced transaction time.
  • Comfortable customer lounges.
  • Transaction safety and confidentiality.
  • SMS alerts to remitters and beneficiaries. 


Can I send my money to any country through Alamoudi Exchange Co?


Yes, Alamoudi Exchange Co offers worldwide remittance service through its correspondents and international
money transfer operators.

How quickly can Alamoudi Exchange reach my money to my beneficiary?


It depends on what service you choose to remit your money to your beneficiary and also the location where
your beneficiary is at.

What different services are available at Alamoudi Exchange Co?


Foreign Exchange:

We buy and sell major currency banknotes at very competitive rates retail as well as wholesale. We export
and import foreign currencies.

Money Transfer:

Cash-to-Cash Transfer : Our correspondent bank or exchange house will pay cash over counter to your beneficiary.
Bank Transfers : You can transfer money directly to your beneficiary’s bank account.
Door-to-Door Payments:You can transfer money to the door step of your beneficiary.

Instant Money Transfer:

You can send and receive money in minutes through international money transfer operators like, Money Gram,
Xpress Money Transfer, Coinstar Money Transfer, Instant Cash etc.

What ID cards are accepted at your counter?


Please see the list of IDs for Saudis and non-Saudis residing in Saudi Arabia.
All Saudi Nationals

  • Personal Status Card: issued by Civil Affairs Departments.
  • National Identity Card: issued by Civil Affairs Departments.
  • Family Registration Book: issued by Civil Affairs Departments.
  • Certified Family Record: issued by Civil Affairs Departments.
  • Diplomatic Passport: issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Special Passport: issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Hafithat Nofos: issued by Civil Affairs Departments.
  • Certified Civil Record for Women: issued by Civil Affairs Departments.
  • Certificate of Birth: issued by Civil Affairs Departments.
  • Passport for Saudi Woman: issued by the passport Department.

Expatriates legally residing in the Kingdom

  • Residence Book (Iqama): issued by or through the Passport Department in the Kingdom or by the
    Protocols Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Five Year Resident Book: issued by the Passport Department for a period of five years.
  • GCC Passport: issued by the immigration and passport departments of any of the GCC countries.
  • Diplomatic Card: issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia for Foreign Diplomats.
  • Please note all identification documents must be valid and original documents should be presented.