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We buy and sell major currency banknotes at very competitive rates retail as well as wholesale. We export and import foreign currencies.

The range of money transfer products available to our customers include Cash-over- Counter, Bank Credits, Demand Draft and Door to Door payments.....

You can send and receive money in minutes through international money transfer operators like, Money Gram, Xpress Money Transfer, Coinstar Money Transfer, Instant Cash etc.

News Letter

For your safety and comfort, we have taken all necessary precautions to prepare the branches and serve you safely in the Balad branch and the Madinah road branch, where our branches will be fully operational from Sunday 31/5/2020. From 9 am to 7 pm

we request that you abide by the precautionary measures announced by the official authorities, which include the use of Medical mask and the Social spacing.

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Currency Rate
GBP 1.4959 1.4961
CHF 0.95193 0.95205
TRY 2.6913 2.6923
MYR 3.62 3.623
INR 62.543 62.558
PKR 101.5 101.7
PHP 44.26 44.31
JPY 118.897 118.914
CNY 6.1975 6.1985
CAD 1.2245 1.225

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Please note those are indicative rates

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